Clouds of Probability (2018)

Duo exhibition with Sara Wallgren at Haninge Konsthall, Stockholm
Curator: Karin Maingourd

Clouds (2018)
Fabric dyed with HERS, stoneware, face masks, wood and make up-brushes
Dimensions variable

Att läsa (2018)
The books: “Caliban and the Witch” – Silvia Federici, “The death of Nature” – Carolyn Merchant, “Hilma af Klint, Ockult målarinna och abstrakt pionjär” – Åke Fant, “Karin Larsson -Konstnär och konstnärshustru” – Ingrid Andersson, “Hertha” – Fredrika Bremer, “Meeting the Universe Halfway” – Karen Barad, “Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom” – Rachel Pollack, and “Spektra” – Jorun Jonassonthat will continue to be a part of the public library collection, five bean bag chairs made from fabric dyed with iron fillings in magnetic patterns
Dimensions variable

Spektra (2017)
Mixed media installation
Dimensions variable

Curator Karin Maingourd presents the exhibition in the local pod cast “Boken i Handen”, 41 minutes in. (In Swedish)