Lumba Kuda (2014)

Metod (2011)

Found stones, mortar, screws
Dimensions Variable

Photography: Kah Bee Chow

My father determined the placement of this work, screwing a stone in as I prepared the drill for another area. After my initial horror, I sam that the stones, lined up along the pre-existing fissure in the wall evinced a certain order with the surrounding elements; a possible material logic in the fault-line of the concrete boundary. The North-West, the domain attributed to the patriarch on the feng-shui ba-kua is also the location of the Annual 5 Star Yellow: it is described thus as “the worst place and the most dangerous sector. No renovations, knocking or breaking of wall in this area. Beware of accidents of obstacles.” We were not aware of this taboo and managed the maximum number of mishaps in the installation of this work, involving cracked mortar, missing stone, trips to the quarry agent, hardware store, various cement mixes, epoxy substitutes. A month after I left Malaysia, my father recovered the original stone in bubble-wrap on a cream-coloured sofa in our beach apartment. Sorry Jorun.

– Kah Bee Chow, curator of the exhibition Lumba Kuda
See the exhibition at http://lumbakudatest.tumblr.com/