Belongings I-III (2013)

Belongings I

Drift wood, wood, firewood and felt
110 x 90 cm

Belongings II
Bricks, ice gel, wood, firewood and felt
80 x 80 cm

Belongings III
Sand, wood, firewood and felt
90 x 80 cm



The Island is the Origin
Jenny Ekholm, Linda Hofvander and Jorun Jonasson

Ven’s Kulturhus 3 August – 1 September 2013

The Island is the Origin is an artist-initiated project where three different artistic practises come together in the space at Ven’s Kulturhus. The idea of the exhibition derives from a consideration of the island as a specific place, occurrence and phenomenon. Here reflections and questions arise around an origin connected to form and narrative. What, how and where is the island?

Jorun Jonasson’s work suggests reoccurring questions about how fact is constructed. She explores, in different ways, how information can be judged and spread for it to be apprehended as true or not. Her work is often constructed from diverse fragments that together make up a complex whole. In the piece Belongings, Jonasson examines what acts as a determining parameter when everything in the world becomes subject for categorisation and aimed at being fitted in to one closed system. In natural science an all-encompassing theory is sought after, a theory that can describe the whole world and everything that is contained within it. But things can be regarded from many perspectives, so what is the determining aspect when it is decided that something is not something else?